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Berger Health System partners with Delta Dental to provide access to dental services across the country. While our dental benefit program allows you to use any licensed dental provider, coverage is provided on a discounted basis by selecting a participating Delta PPO or Delta Premier Dentist.

Dental benefits are provided on a reimbursement basis. In some cases (and typically when seeking care from a non-participating dentist) you may be required to pay for services and submit a claim for reimbursement.

We strongly recommend before having any major dental work done that you have your dentist contact Delta Dental for a pre-treatment estimate. This will ensure that in the event you are having major care performed, you will know the expense and coverage before the service begins.

To find a dentist near you, click on the Delta Dental link at the right side of this page. Remember, while services are covered without any concern for balance billing in network – you are permitted to use any licensed dentist to receive coverage. Services performed by non-network dentists are subject to limited reimbursement.

Maximum Payment: $1,000 per person total per Benefit Year on all services except orthodontics. $1,500 per person total per lifetime on orthodontic services.

Deductible: $50 Deductible per person total per Benefit Year. The deductible does not apply to diagnostic and preventive services, emergency palliative treatment, brush biopsy, X-rays, periodontal maintenance, and orthodontic services.


Benefit Item
PPO Dentist
Premier Dentist
Plan Pays Plan Pays Plan Pays*
Preventative Care 100% 100% 100%
Basic Services 80% 80% 80%
Major Services 50% 50% 50%
Orthodontic Services 60% 60% 60%

*When you receive services from a Nonparticipating Dentist, the percentages in this column indicate the portion of Delta Dental’s Nonparticipating Dentist Fee that will be paid for those services. The Nonparticipating Dentist Fee may be less than what your dentist charges and you are responsible for that difference.


Coverage Type
Per Pay
Employee $6.50
Employee + One $15.25
Family $29.00
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